Who attends CCUS 2019?

CCSA members: An outstanding chance to share experiences and to network with industry, customers and policymakers

Potential members: The opportunity to meet the industry and its stakeholders under one roof, and to understand how your work fits in the wider industry picture

Potential CCUS hosts & customers: Meet the supply chain and explore the transformational opportunities for improved competitiveness that CCUS brings to industrial and commercial sites

Local authorities : Understand the potential of CCUS within your area and its role in securing and sustaining local economic development whilst reducing carbon emissions

Academics and researchers : Bringing together thinkers at the leading edge of research in CCUS and building connections between research, development, innovation and practice

UK supply chain: A chance to celebrate successes, develop new ideas and collectively address shared challenges. Opportunities to network with policymakers, partners and potential customers.

UK influencers: MPs, civil servants, commentators, media, think tanks:  Collectively shaping the narrative around CCUS and understanding how the interplay of policy, innovation and implementation can help the sector to thrive    

International leadership:
Recognising and learning from UK leadership in research, policy and practice in CCUS; sharing international experiences of CCUS roll-out